Yeh Hai Mohabbatein : Gagan blackmails Aadi to marry Roshni

Chandan’s mother-in-law comes and tells his mother that killing Aadi (Abhishek Verma) would not be enough. Aadi says he is ready to do anything for them and begs them to leave him. She says he will have to get married to Roshni. Aadi says he is already engaged and is going to get married in few days. She says no one will agree to marry her daughter after what happened with Chandan and that is why he will have to marry her today itself. Aadi says he is ready to take Roshni’s responsibility but he cannot marry her. Gagan asks the ladies to go and start doing all the preparations. He assures them that he will bring him to the mandap.

Ishita insists Raman to take the longer route to Khandpur. Gagan asks Aadi to get ready. He requests him to leave him and says he is ready to take Roshni’s responsibility. Gagan says he will have to do what ever they are saying if he wants to stay alive. He asks him to wear the groom’s dress. Aadi says he can kill him if he wants but he will not marry Roshni. Gagan’s relatives forcibly make him wear all the clothes and bring him out.

They make him sit on the mandap on gun point. Aadi recalls all the moments shared with Aaliya and says he won’t marry. The bride comes. The priest asks him to keep his hand on Roshni’s hand. They untie Aadi’s knot. Aadi gets up, snatches away their gun and asks them to stay away from him. He takes the priest’s phone and starts dialing police station’s number. Gagan’s mother takes the gun from him and says they do not allow police interfere in their matters. Aadi says he is ready to die but he will not marry her.

Gagan’s mother takes Gagan aside and tells him that she cannot let Aadi die. She asks him to find his weakness. Gagan’s relatives bring Aadi’s servant and tells them that he was going to call his parents and inform them about all this. Gagan decides to blackmail Aadi.

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) take a small halt to drink tea. Gagan’s friend engage him in a conversation while other friend shoots them from a distance. Gagan shows the video to Aadi and says he will not leave his parents if he refuses to marry Roshni. Gagan’s friend tells Ishita and Raman that Aadi has already left for Delhi. Aadi begs them to not harm Ishita and Raman. 


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