When Jeetendra was in love with Hema and wants to break relationship with fiancee for her!

Veteran actor Jeetendra is known for his style and the passion of his dance. Famously known as ‘The Jumping Jack’ in Bollywood, the talented actor had made his film debut  in year 1959 with a small role in ‘Navrang’. He had also played actress Sandhya’s body double in the film ‘Navrang’. Since then, the actor has come a long way.

Today, he is happily settled in his personal life along with his family. His wife Shobha Kapoor, children Ekta and Tusshar Kapoor and grandson Laksshya. But, there was a time when Jeetendra had fallen in love with his beautiful co-star and actress Hema Malini.

It is a well-known fact that late actor Sanjeev Kumar was also attracted to Hema Malini. Apparently, it was due to his slightly shy nature that he sought Jeetendra’s help in telling Hema about his feelings. But, Hema didn’t agree on this proposal as she liked Sanjeev as a friend but didn’t have special feelings for him. It was after Hema rejected Sanjeev’s proposal, that the actress and Jeetendra got close to each other and expressed their love while they were working on a film titled ‘Dulhan’ (1974).


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