Bhopal"s glam rock factor

SteelRush with Aham Saxena (left) at a performance
SteelRush with Aham Saxena (left) at a performance

Famous for its historic mahals, lakes and industries, Bhopal isn’t exactly known for entertainment. But of late, youngsters from the city are trying to push the barricade and form a movement around pop culture and Rock music. SteelRush — a Glam Rock act formed by guitarist Aham Saxena — is one of them. This band sources musicians from different cities while on tour.

“With my friend Apoorv Chouhan (a vocalist), I take care of the studio production and hire session players for gigs. For example, if I get a gig in New Delhi, I will look for musicians in the capital to play with me,” informs Saxena, who will be playing with a group of musicians at a gig.

“Finding musicians isn’t an issue, finding like-minded people is a problem. I post advertisements on Facebook groups. For this gig, I had approached the drummer and he knew a vocalist; that’s how we completed the line-up,” adds the 22-year-old. Since the band released their debut EP Through The Night last year, they have a lot of material to play these days. The title track, Round N Round and Mysterious Eyes will remind one of Def Leppard.

Saxena is keen to move to Pune for better opportunities. “In Bhopal, people listen to Bollywood. You have to approach cafés, and organise your own gigs,” he reveals.

Kshitij Choudhary (vocals), Saurabh Lodha (bass), Shantanu Pande (keys) and Akarsh Singh (drums) are Saxena’s recruits for tonight’s gig.

TIME: 10 pm
AT: Tuning Fork, 1st floor, Hotel Unicontinental, 3rd Road, Khar (W).
CALL: 9833358490
ENTRY: Rs 500


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