10 Things You May Not Know About Evan Spiegel , The CEO Of Snapchat!

Imagine you were born in a middle-class family in a normal city and just at the age of 26 you have so much money you can’t even count. Similar is the story of Evan Spiegel the multi-billionaire and the CEO of Snap Inc. Here are some facts you may not know about Evan.

1. He turned down a $3 Billion offer from Facebook.

It is hard to believe but this young gentleman turned down a $3 billion offer from facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even tried to force him to sell his company by telling him that facebook is launching something similar to Snapchat within a few days. But nothing changed Evan’s mind a rest is history.

2. Evan is a high school dropout.

Isn’t that obvious? I think the first rule of becoming a billionaire CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is that you have to drop out. So even Evan dropped out of Stanford University to work full time on Snapchat. Sadly he was just a few credits short from being graduated.

3. Evan met the co-founder of Snapchat at Stanford for the first time.

Spiegel wanted to study product design at Stanford, it was also his father’s alma matter. It was the time when he met Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy for the first time. Reggie and Bobby co-founded Snapchat with Evan.

4. He is quite a party freak.

Evan, Reggie and Bobby where the members of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, it is on of the largest fraternities in the world and according to some leaked emails it can be assumed that he is quite a partier.

5. Reggie Brown filed a lawsuit against Spiegel.

Brown filed a lawsuit against Spiegel for forcing him out of the company without giving him any equity. Nobody exactly knows what happened between them but Spiegel said, “He exploited my attempts at generosity.” The lawsuit was finally settled and Brown was paid around $158 million to completely disappear.

6. The CEO had an affair with Taylor Swift.

Evan and Taylor first met in a party in December 2013. Even at that time, Spiegel was rich and handsome as he is now. Taylor really liked him and the couple started dating. They were reportedly seen kissing on the new year’s eve. But Snapchat was Evan first love and Taylor couldn’t resist the fact that she isn’t the utmost priority of the workaholic CEO and so their relationship didn’t last for long.

7. Evan spends most of his time recruiting new people.

When an interviewer asked Evan that what was it that he does at Snapchat as he was somewhere else in the world all the time to which Evan replied saying “I spend most of my time recruiting people. I would say over half of my time is spent recruiting really great people for our team, and we have been super super lucky to hire really, really special and unique individuals.”

8. Evan’s Love of the life.

In 2014 Spiegel met supermodel Miranda Kerr at a Dinner party for Louis Vuitton. They then started dating during the summer of 2015. Finally, in 2016 the couple announced that they got engaged.

9. Evan purchased a 15 million dollar house.

Just a month before Evan got engaged to Miranda he purchased a 7,164 square feet house that was previously owned by the famous American actor and film producer Harrison Ford.

10. Changed his company’s name from Snapchat to Snap.

In September 2016 Spiegel renamed his company as Snap and called it a camera company. Snap went public on 2nd march 2017 and the company experienced a 44% raise in the shares which roughly added $1.6 Billion to Evan’s net worth. The company’s current valuation is around $33 billion.

Despite from being a billionaire, a handsome man and dating a supermodel this guy is also a licensed helicopter pilot and also enjoys flower arranging. He is a true inspiration to the youth right now.

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