Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai e: Luv and Kush go missing

Naira (Shivangi Joshi) goes to the same temple where Suvarna is praying. Naira asks if everything is fine back home. She tells them that she has been thinking about them since the past few days and asks why isn’t she talking to her. Suvarna weeps and says there is nothing left to say. Naira says she understands it’s her mistake but she didn’t intend to complain to Karthik (Mohsin Khan).

She asks her to forgive her but Suvarna gets up and starts leaving. Naira holds her back and asks her not to go away like this. Suvarna says Dadi and the kids are very upset. She says she was wrong in giving her the responsibility of bringing Karthik close to them.She asks Naira to always support Karthik and never leave his side.She leaves. Naira cries.

Naksh asks Gayu if she spoke to Naira. She asks if everyhting is okay.He tells her that he saw them eating street food. Gayu says that Karthik and Naira love eating spicy food and asks him not to worry.

Luv asks the driver to leave and says that they have a football match because of which they will stay back in the school. He tells Kush that their family will think that they are in school while they will meet Naira and Karthik. They go and ask a stranger to take them to Chandranagar. The driver gets happy to see them and agrees to give them lift.

Karthik comes back home and tries to get intimate with Naira but she resists. They get worried to get a call from an emergency number.Surekha asks Naira about Luv and Kush. She tells her that she knows that they were going to meet her today. Naira says she had told them that they will come to meet them in their school. Akhilesh accuses her of being irresponsible. Karthik asks them to stop the blame game and goes out to look for Luv and Kush.

Akshilesh suspects a kidnapping case. Everyone gets worried and starts crying. He asks Manish if this could be a work of their enemy. Manish asks him not to worry and assures them that he will get them back. Everyone starts looking for the kids. Karthik asks Naira to stay back as they might come home looking for them.Naira calls Priyanka and gets to know that there is no news about them. She decides to go out and look for them herself.She asks the guard to keep the kids with him if in case they come.

Suvarna calls Mishti and asks if Luv and Kush are there. Her mother takes the phone and asks if everyhting is fine. She tells Suvarna that they Karthik and Naira haven’t contacted them after pagphera. Suvarna says she had just called to ask there whereabouts and lies that everything is fine. Naira sees two kids in a taxi and goes and stops it. The driver tells her that he dropped the kids near Shiv Mandir. Naira calls Karthik and asks him to go to the temple.

Luv and Kush reach the temple. A stranger comes and asks who are they looking for. They tell him that they are looking for Karthik. The person says he knows him and asks them to come with him. Naira sees Luv and Kush walking towards her and gets relieved. A group of devotees come in front and obstruct her way. She loses sight of Luv and Kush. 

Preview: Luv Kush get kidnapped. Naira follows the kidnappers.


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