WTF! Man Chopped Elder Brother Into Pieces For Disturbing His Sleep

Unquestionably, sleep is very important for every human being but is it so precious that a person can kill someone who interrupts it? Sounds bizarre but it has actually happened. A man killed his elder brother because he was not letting him sleep peacefully. Can you believe it?

The horrific incident took place on Tuesday in Balod’s Dondilohara, Chhattisgarh, where a person by the name of Suresh Kumar firstly pulled his brother out of their house and chopped his hands and head after tying him to the electric pole. The name of the victim is Chinturam and what’s even more shocking is that it all happened in broad daylight in front of the villagers.

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As per the villagers, Chinturam (45) used to sing and make fun of his younger brother and they both used to fight regularly. That afternoon, both of them were sleeping in the same room and Chinturam started singing in his high-pitched voice, which aggravated Suresh and he started beating Chinturam, as per the family.

Just to scare Suresh, Chinturam picked up the axe which was lying nearby, but Suresh grabbed it from him and pulled him to the village square. Police told that all the villagers came running to the scene but nobody was able to do anything as Suresh warned them that he would kill anyone who came in between.


After killing his brother, Suresh surrendered in Mangchuwa police station with the weapon of murder which was axe. He also got his head injured and a finger cut-off in the brawl.

Had Suresh been little patient or Chinturam little sensible, two lives would have been saved from being destroyed.


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