Video: "Noor" Sonakshi Sinha lashing out at trolls with "shayari" is EPIC!

Sonakshi in her avatar as the shayar
Sonakshi in her avatar as the shayar. Pic/Twitter

Bollywood star Sonakshi Sinha believes in straight-talking and this has made her the target of haters on social media many times.

Now, celebrities being targetted by online bullies and abusers is nothing news. Recently, actress Sonam Kapoor was trolled for a National Anthem ‘goof-up’. Singer Adnan Sami too was targetted for supporting India in the Snapchat fiasco.

But celebs don’t take things lying down and have time and again shot back at their detractors and won the internet!

Sonakshi, whose latest release ‘Noor‘ is about a journalist, has chosen to thash her trolls with elan and class. She has released a video that sees her spouting modern shayari.

In the video tweeted by Zoom, Sonakshi is seen in her poetess avatar, who targets all the haters.

Sonakshi had in an inerview said, “No, it (trolling and criticism on social media) doesn’t affect me mentally. So I don’t need to overcome it.”

The 29-year-old had added: “I think it is something that I have been part of since it has come about (on) social media. So… (gradually) you know how to handle people and I definitely know how to handle people on or off social media.”

Sonakshi has sure found an innovative way to give it back to the trollers.

Well, all we can say is, “Kudos” and “keep it up”.


“Arz kiya hai mobile ke har ring se aapne khud ko express kiya,
Chehra bachakar, laptop samhal kar apne shabdon se humko madhosh kiya,
Aapki tweeting main ek josh tha, baaki saab mein toh dosh tha,
Kiya grammar ka seedha murder,
Oye Ghalib humare, aapke post ke sahaare kya ab bhi proud hai aapki mother?
Nafrat nahi, aapki chahat hai yeh, trolling nahi aapka pesha hai yeh,
Oho bichare, kismat ke maarey, kya aapki dukhbhari kahaani hai yeh?
Kaise lautayun aapka yeh pyaar?
Bas yahi hai confusion, shayad aapke junoon ne hila diya aapka mansik santulan,
Lo, diya toh aapko attention, ab is dosti ko karte hain lock,
Waise zindagi meri badli nahi abhi, kyunki aap to ho gaye hai block block block…”



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