Chandra Nandini : Nandini is accused and insulted before Chandra

In Chandra Nandini, Chandra(Rajat Tokas) is enraged over seeing Nandini(Shweta Basu Prasad) enter with a man and baby and claiming him as her husband. Chandra hurts his hand in anger and then leaves the hall with Bindusara using him as an excuse. Malayketu spies on Nandini and her house  and orders to abduct her as soon as possible. He also spots Gautami there and leaves. Helena talks to Nandini and thanks her for her false stories as it has only helped her making Chandra hate Nandini. Nandini taunts Helena over her insecurities despite her closeness to Chandra. Chanakya is worried over the loopholes in his security system as it was the main reason for attack on Chandra. (Also Read: Chandra Nandini 14 April, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra defends Nandini before the king of Kalinga)

Nandini goes to Bindusara and Chandra as the prince is crying. Chandra stops her but she insists on helping him. It is discovered that he had a hair strand trapped in his mouth which was troubling her. While leaving after helping the prince, she slips and falls on the bed with Chandra falling over her. Queen of Kalinga sees them in this position and is enraged as considers Chandrika responsible for her brother’s death. Chanakya plans the security and queries about the current security situation. He asks why all the soldiers are from Yemen and not Magadh which reveals that Helena’s mother took this decision and it doesn’t go down well with Chanakya.

Rituals are in full swing in Kalinga palace. A woman calls Chandrika to participate as well but the queen stops her. She calls Chandrika a murderer and questions her fidelity. She goes on to insult her more. Helena is enraged over it. Everyone agrees with it, insulting her. Helena suggests throwing her out and queen of Kalinga does exactly that. But when she pushes her, she falls on Chandra. Chandra testifies in favour of Nandini  and blames everyone else. Chandrika’s fake husband tells her to leave which worries Chandra.

Precap: Nandini decides to go with royal family as Bindusara’s care taker. Her sister in law accuses her of still being in love with Chandra


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