Chandra Nandini 19th April 2017 – Full Episode

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Chandra Nandini 19th April 2017 written episode

Chandra returns to the palace and is worried seeing Bindusar crying. Helena says that Bindusra’s fever is not coming down. The King says that he has called Chandrika to come to aid Bindusar. Chandra says there is no need to call Chandrika as the doctor can help.

The doctor says that Bindusar has got attached to Chandrika and he wants to be with her. The maid comes and says that Chandrika has refused to come. Helena tells Chandra that they should return to Magadh. The Greek soldier tells Helena’s mother that Chanakya will not be able to take away the royal stamp from her. Helena’s mother says that Chanakya will fulfil his promise at any cost and a big storm will come for them. Chanakya calls Helena’s mother in the meeting room.

Nandini tries to shut the windows of her house because of the storm. Suddenly, Chandra walks into the house. Chandra tells Nandini not to worry for Bindusar and also tells Nandini not to touch Bindusar ever. Chandra tells Nandini that he hates her and he will look for many doctors for his son. Chandra says that he will never let Nandini come near Bindusar. Chandra leaves and Nandini cries. Chandra is back in the palace and tells Helena that they will leave immediately.

The doctor says that Bindusar is very unwell and he needs Chandrika at any cost. Chandra says he will never call Chandrika and will look for other doctors. Gautami tells Nandini that it is good that she did not go to Bindusar as he is not related to her. Gautami says that Chandra destroyed their family and they should not help him and his son. 

Nandini thinks about Durdhara asking her to take care of Bindusar. Nandini tells Gautami not to talk against Bindusar. Gautami encourages Nandini to go to Bindusar as he needs her. Nandini worried for Gautami and her child but Gautami says she will manage. Gautami warns Nandini against Helena saying that Bindusar will not be safe with her. Gautami ask Nandini whether she still loves Chandra and will not be able to control her feelings when she is with him. Nandini refuses for it and cries. Chandra recalls Chanakya claiming Nandini to be Durdhara’s killer. Chandra thinks whether to trust Nandini or not as he is not able to understand her intentions. 
Chandra thinks he will never trust Nandini again. Helena tells Chandra they have to leave. Chandra and Helena leave the palace and start their journey towards Magadh. Helena’s mother meets Chanakya and she tells Chanakya that he has lost in his challenge. Chanakya says he wants to talk to Helena’s mother privately and so the Greek soldier leaves. Just as the Greek soldier leaves the room, Helena’s mother comes out and informs that Chanakya has taken away the royal stamp. 

The Greek soldier is boggled thinking what Chanakya told Helena’ mother which made her give away the Royal stamp to Chanakya so suddenly. Gautami writes a letter to Nandini saying that she has supported her a lot but now it is time for her to leave as Nandini has to return to her old life. As Gautami leaves the house with her child, Malay reaches there and says that he has to take away her child to Nand. Nandini is in the jungle and her soul tells her not to run away from Bindusar as he needs her. Nandini’s soul says that Durdhara’s killer can kill Bindusar too.

Precap: Chandra says that Bindusar needs Nandini and therefore they will take her along with them to Magadh but he will continue to hate Nandini. Helen tells Nandini that she will have to come along with them to Magadh as Bindusar’s nanny.


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