Pinky"s Kundali Drama to separate Shivaya Anika on Ishqbaaaz

Star plus popular show Ishqbaaz recently witness kidnap and lead swap drama now all set to add another twist in Anika Shivaay’s life. As Anika Shivaay’s life are filled with nonstop romance and drama makers bringing news twist to the viewers of the show. Pinky who has been shown looking for a high class Bahu disappointed with Shivaay announced Anika has his wife. Pinky feels Insecure after seeing growing closeness between Shivaay Anka.  

Upcoming episode Shiaay gets romantic with Anika seeing this Pinky feels insecure because her son is distancing from her .

She is thinking of ways to separate Shivika and get her son back .

Pinky has calls pandit ji to make Shivaye and Anika’s kundali .After Shivaay’s particulars are shared with pandit ji he demands anika’s details 

Pinky calls Shivaye to provide the details about anika’s parents, her place of birth , birthday , her maiden name , surname , parents names etc .

Shivaye gets annoyed and refuses to divulge anything 

Pinky then asks Sahil to provide the details about his parents, what surname he uses their home address etc  , Shivaye gets further annoyed that she was asking such things to the little boy and asks Pinky to wait for Anika to return home 

Will Shivaay get to know truth about Anika??

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