Over 70 Engineering Students Fall Sick After Eating At Hostel Mess! 54 Admitted To Hospital

Low quality food isn’t expected from reputed universities; however, one incident has come to light and it has shocked everyone.
According to reports, over 70 students of Jaypee University of Information Technology (Solan) have fallen ill after eating at the hostel mess.

Out of 70, 54 students had to be admitted to a hospital immediately since their condition became worst; they suffered from severe food poisoning and were rushed to Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital around 2 am on Friday.

Ramesh Chand, the senior medical superintendent stated that most of them experienced nausea. Students were served pav bhaji, rice and gulab jamuns; after having the meal, many complained of abdominal pain. The superintendent added,

“Since all were experiencing similar pain, it feel it might be the after-effect of the meal they had last night.”

One student, who is admitted in Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital said, “I don’t know what happened as the food tasted good. This has happened for the first time with us.”

Students refused to communicate with the media.

As of now, the food safety officials have collected food and water samples for testing. Neelam Dulta, the Kandaghat sub-divisional magistrate visited the campus personally; she said that things will be clear once the reports are out.

Jaypee University always enjoys a good position in the list of top 100 institutes in India; unfortunately, this incident has left the students clueless.

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