Mercedes-Benz Brutally Trolled A Guy Who Tweeted Them, Asking For A Free Car

Just recently, a person made a deal with Wendy’s for getting nuggets free of cost for an entire year and this prompted many others to follow him and try to get free stuff from other companies.

However, a Twitter user @Abdinoorx2 took it too far when he thought that he could get a new car for free for doing just nothing.  He tweeted, “Hey Mercedes, how many retweets for a new car?”

To everyone’s surprise, Mercedes-Benz replied and that too, without taking too much time, “20 million RT’s and we’ll talk…”

It was difficult to believe but it actually happened and Mercedes-Benz was ready to talk about giving a new car after 20 million RTs to which @Abdinoorx2 very confidently replied, “consider it done”.

However, the real game started when the German car maker got back at @Abdinoorx2 with the photo of a black shiny convertible and said that they were “clearing the road and handing it over”.

It was simply a prank that was being played at @Abdinoorx2 but he failed to get it completely and asked Mercedes-Benz whether they needed his address and other stuff.

When Mercedes-Benz understood that the guy didn’t get the hints, they finished the joke by telling him that the car had already been delivered to his DMs.

Well @Abdinoorx2 didn’t even get the retweets but he took the joke as an insult and started ‘#BoycottMercedes’ on the micro-blogging site Twitter. But does it really matter to Mercedes-Benz?

Another user tried the same thing for S550 and he got the same answer!

Well, it seems that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t mind having some fun.

As far as the campaign for Wendy’s nuggets is concerned, 18 million retweets were needed for Carter Wilkerson to get free supply of nuggets for a year.

18 million RTs seem impossible but Carter has reached very close to getting maximum RTs! Presently, the record is in the name of Ellen DeGeneres for his Oscar selfie that has 3.4 million RTs and Carter is behind by 2,00,000 retweets.

So are you also looking for some free stuff? Check out a brand then 😀 LOL

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