The Guy Proposed His Girl While Doing Yoga! Watch Video Of This Most Romantic Proposal!

Proposals are one of the most precious memories of our life. We all have our dream proposals planned in our mind already.

When things just turn out to be more beautiful than we expect, we feel life is beautiful. Such memories make it worth living. Well, we already know how some unique proposals all over the world has become a kind of inspiration to express love.

We came across one such proposal story and we couldn’t help but share it with you all. Alec Horan, 25 proposed his girlfriend Steph Gardner, 24 in a unique way. They were doing yoga in Hawaii and that’s when he proposed her in the moment.

Isn’t that so cool? Who proposes when they are specifically doing yoga?

The reason is that Alec and Steph connected to each other through yoga. They did yoga together quite often and it just seemed perfect to express love through that very medium.

Alec said,

“I’ve been with Steph for two years and we do yoga together often. I planned a trip to Hawaii this March and also had the ring custom made, it was all planned out.”

Alec is a photographer and all their yoga sessions are captured in camera. Alec and Steph know each other for 2 years. When Alec proposed her, Steph was overwhelmed.

Alec said,

“Steph’s surprised and emotional reaction was amazing, heck, even I teared up too.”

Alec even shared the video of the proposal, which you can watch here:

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Now, this is some dream proposal especially for the health conscious or fitness freak couples out there. How many of you are dreaming of such proposals? Let us know in the comments section.

News Source: Daily Mail

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