Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 – Full Episode

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Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 Written Update 

Episode starts with Pinky telling Shivaay that it is essential to know Anika’s family background and details, Shivaay gets angry and walks off. Pinky insists on knowing Anika’s surname, Shivaay gets disturbed. sometime back…. Shivaay introduces Anika as his wife and his support to the media.

Shivaay pronounces Anika’s name as Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Anika whispers to Shivaay saying ‘only Anika’. Shivaay smiles and says Anika. Pinky gets extremely hurt. Pinky feels that despite she raising Shivaay, he gave entire credit to Anika. Pinky feels that Anika has taken away Shivaay from her, Pinky vows that she will separate Shivaay and Anika. At dinner, Shakti informs Pinky that he told Shivaay and Anika to have dinner in their room as both are hurt. Pinky gets annoyed.

Pinky feels that Shivaay is leaving the Oberoi family traditions due to Anika. Anika struggles to eat food, Shivaay takes the plate and feeds Anika. Anika hesitates, Shivaay says till Anika’s wound is not healed, he will feed her. Anika gets emotional and says, nobody till date has looked after her. Shivaay says this is why a person needs a companion. Shivaay asks Anika to promise that she would never do stunts again. Anika asks Shivaay to promise the same. Shivaay refuses and says whenever required he will do the stunts for Anika, Anika says she would do the same as Anika is Shivaay’s responsibility, Shivaay is Anika’s responsibility.

Anika says their relation started with breaking things and now both are broken. Anika feeds Shivaay. Shivaay and Anika eat together, Pinky watches them with a hurt look. In the morning, Shakti warns someone on the phone to search Kamini and that no family member should know about it. Anika wakes up and sees the sun raises disturbing asleep Shivaay, Anika blocks the raises with her palm. Anika comes out of the bathroom with wet hair after the bath. Anika tickles Shivaay’s face with her wet hair strands. Shivaay gets restless in sleep. Shivaay notices water and suddenly gets up calling Anika as Panika. Shivaay asks Anika why is she throwing water on him. 

Both Shivaay and Anika get in cute nok – jhok. Shivaay gets romantic and Anika runs away. As Anika gets ready, Shivaay asks Anika if she is going somewhere. Anika agrees but refuses to reveal where. Shivaay insists but Anika refuses, Shivaay tells Anika to leave, Anika says that she is leaving only and leaves. Pinky sees Anika leaving and wonders where Anika is going. Household staff informs Pinky that Guruji has arrived. Pinky tells the Guruji that she wants to have Kulgotra puja in the coming week as Shivaay’s 33rd birthday is coming up. 

Shakti tells Guruji that he wants Anika’s name to be added to Shivaay’s Kundli. Pinky smirks. Guruji asks for Anika’s family background and family details. Pinky feels that this is the best way to remove Anika from Shivaay’s life by reminding Shivaay about Naam, Khoon, and Khandan. Shivaay can’t locate his file in the room and gets annoyed with Anika, thinks of calling her but refrains as both had a fight. But then, Shivaay decides to keep his ego aside and call Anika to just ask about the file. 
Anika doesn’t answer the call, Shivaay gets annoyed. Pinky tells Shivaay to meet Guruji. Anika looks for Mahi in chawl area as she wants to know Mahi’s truth. Anika asks people around and as her phone rings she shows Shivaay’s pic to her phone to the people. The man says the person who looks like the man in the phone is a bad person. Guruji asks Shivaay for Anika’s details. Shivaay says that only Anika knows and tries to leave, Pinky insists Shivaay to answer. Shivaay gets upset and says once Anika is back she will answer. Pinky tells Shivaay that at least tell Anika’s surname. Pinky starts instigating Shivaay and reminds him about Naam, Khoon, and Khandan. Shivaay gets angry and screams at Pinky. Sahil comes, Pinky asks Sahil about Anika’s family details. Shivaay stops Pinky and sends Sahil away. As Shivaay starts to leave, Pinky once again asks Shivaay about Anika’s surname.


Anika enters Mahi’s house and looks for him, Mahi holds a knife at her throat without seeing her. Anika asks Mahi about the truth of his Shivaay avatar.


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