What fun! Shah Rukh Khan teaches "Lungi dance" to Brett Ratner

San Francisco: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan taught his signature “Lungi dance” step to American filmmaker Brett Ratner, who expressed a desire to direct the actor in a sequel of “Rush Hour” in India here.

The two shared the stage at the San Francisco International Film Festival (SFILM), which paid a tribute to Shah Rukh in its 60th year.

“One day I want to make a ‘Rush Hour’ sequel in India with SRK in it,” said Ratner, known for directing the “Rush Hour” series and “X-Men: The Last Stand”, and for producing the Oscar winning movie “The Revenant”.

Both the stars — suited and booted — seemed to have immense fun during their conversation at the Castro Theatre here on Friday evening.

Before their tete-a-tete, Ratner posted on Instagram a photograph of himself with Shah Rukh.

“With the King of Bollywood – SRK – Getting ready for our conversation at SFFILM,” he captioned it.

Later, he posted a video wherein Shah Rukh teaches him how to groove to “Lungi dance” — the catchy number from his blockbuster movie “Chennai Express”. Since the music wasn’t available, the charmer that Shah Rukh is, he took the mic and sportingly sang the song as well as taught Ratner some of the steps.

Ratner followed the steps well, and hugged Shah Rukh, who has spent a quarter of a century in Indian showbiz and is one of Bollywood’s most known faces across the globe.

“With King Khan doing the Lungi dance during the SFFILM. Inspiring, humble, a great dancer, and smells great too,” Ratner captioned the video.

Shah Rukh’s “My Name is Khan” was also screened as part of the line-up of movies at the festival, which is even paying a tribute to John Ridley, Gordon Gund, Ethan Hawke and James Ivory.



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