Lady Driver’s Speeding Car Lost Control & Crashed Into 5 Pedestrians! 3-Year Old Killed!

People are always advised to be extremely careful while driving, as their one wrong action can prove to be hazardous not only for them but also for other people on the road. We have frequently stumbled upon a number of road accidents which could have been prevented if the driver was cautious. Once again, an extremely tragic accident occurred in Pune’s Baner Road where a family lost a girl child of three when a speeding car cruelly mowed her down, as the family stood on the divider to cross the road.

The car was being driven by a middle-aged lady who lost her control on the vehicle and as a result, it bumped into the median, brutally hitting five pedestrians. Four of them are injured while the little girl has passed away. The mother of the deceased is identified as Isha Vishwakarma and she was also present at the time of the accident which took place on Baner Road in front of Vasudha Society near Baner Phata on Monday at about 2.40 pm.

Talking of the lady driver, her name is Sujata Jayprakash Shroff and she’s a construction firm’s director. According to police, Sujata is also injured in the same accident and her treatment is going on in a private hospital. Cops have retrieved the CCTV recording of the entire accident and we advise that kids don’t watch it!

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Driver Sujata is charged with IPC Sections 279 for rash and negligent driving and 304(a) for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. Her one mistake ruined a family, took life of a girl who couldn’t see the world properly and left a horrible experience for all those pedestrians as well as people present there who wouldn’t be able to forget the unfortunate incident for the rest of their lives!



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