Lady Gaga described Princess Diana "just another dead blonde"

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Los Angeles: Singer-actress Lady Gaga dubbed the late Princess Diana ‘just another dead blonde’ among lyrics about eating disorders and suicide in a track.

Gaga was heard to make a slur about Princess Diana in her 2013 track “Princess die”, reports

This comes just days after she hit headlines for communicating with Prince William via FaceTime to discuss the Heads Together campaign to raise awareness about mental health.

The track, which courted controversy when unveiled at an Australian gig four years ago, also references The People’s Princess’ well-documented eating disorder and tragic 1997 death in a car crash while surrounded by paparazzi in Paris.

Gaga was seen last week communicating with the eldest of Diana’s sons as she chatted from her Los Angeles kitchen to talk about the #Oktosay film series.

The singer praised William’s brother Harry for his well-publicised confessions that he “struggled to cope” and neared a breakdown after their mother’s death, in a reveal which Gaga described as “beautiful”.

Upon the controversy-laden reveal of “Princess die” four years ago, Gaga lashed out at her critics by insisting her intentions were pure as she stated: “The People’s Princess was mine and my mum’s hero when I was growing up.” has contacted a representative for Gaga for comment.


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