Chandra Nandini 14th April 2017 – Full Episode

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Chandra Nandini 14th April 2017 Written Episode

Chandra walks in and says naresh I murdered shatnag,helina says Chandra,naresh says maharaj what are you saying,Chandra says the truth,shatnag tried rapping her and so he was punished to death so that no one ever does this again, I had warned you about his behaviour and it was my duty to save the lady who saved my son twice,and as samrat I need to give justice,naresh says you did right thing,no one shall morn on shatnag death,Chandrika is innocent, let her go,maharani leaves in anger and upset,helina asks all good Chandra,Chandra asks where is bindusara,helina says in room,

helina says good looks like he didn’t recognise Nandini,Chandra passes by Chandrika and sees injury on her hand and recognises its same as he saw on Nandini

Helina says Nandini how are you here, don’t forget

I shall tell Chandra,Chandra walks to them,helina says I feel so bad for you,Chandra asks Chandrika how do you have this injury,Nandini thinks he is finding it suspicious , Chandra is informed by dasi that bindusara is uneasy and crying in pain.

Chandra tries to calm him down,and says Vaidya do something,naresh says Chandrika come in, help the baby,as you did before,Chandra says yes please help him,Nandini lifts bindusara in her ams and gives him some medicine,he calms down quickly,naresh says well done Chandrika,maharani lets go and both leave.Chandrika says Vaidya you go rest just give me a big vessel of water to keep medicine cool,Chandra can’t get over the same injury Nandini and Chandrika have,he walks to her , Chandra sees nandinis reflection in water.

Chandra asks who are you,Nandini says maharaj I’m Chandrika you know it,Chandra removes her dupatta and says will you still say you are Chandrika,helina says leave the baby and snatches him,Chandra remembers durdhara dying , helina says Chandra look she is here again to kill baby,Chandra says how dare you Nandini even after killing his mother, helina go call Vaidya I need this medicines to be checked I don’t trust this lady,leave Nandini,bindusara starts crying.

Naresh says Chandrika I’m very sorry,and thank you for helping my daughter and Chandraguptas son,do come with your husband and son,it’s a way of thank fullness don’t deny please and leaves,Nandini says what will I do now.

Helina says Chandra why did you throw her out of Kaling,Chandra says this is not my land,if it was magad, you already know I have thrown her out and as for her she has a baby and has moved on,helina says oh he has taken Gautamis son as Nandinis let him be as it is,helina says Chandra im very worried for bindusara he is my life,Nandini will,Chandra says no one will do anything ,nothing shall happen and leaves.

Gautami says what, all this happened in mahal,so does Kaling maharaj know you are Nandini,Nandini says no he doesn’t,but what I’m worried about is bindusara the poison that killed durdhara is troubling bindusara,and I can’t see him in pain, I feel the connection between us,he needs a mother bhabhi,Gautami says no he has Helina as mother he needs love he needs you Nandini,Nandini says bindusara can never have me,chnadra will never let us be together,Gautami says what about helina,Nandini says don’t worry about her but for now,Kaling naresh has invited me with my husband and my son,Gautami says you will attend the wedding,Nandini asks how.

Chandra trying to help crying bindusara,he has the scene that durdhara died because of Nandini plus bindusara calming down because of her Chandra finally gives him nandinis medicine and bindusara calms down and starts playing with Chandra.Nandini sleeping dreams of durdhara near her,Nandini says durdhara you here,durdhara says you promised me you shall be his mother and look after him but you are here and my baby alone there in pain,you very well know it, please help him,Nandini says Chandra thinks I killed you,durdhara says but you didn’t and till my bindusara isnt safe I shall never rest in peace please go help my bindusara.

At the wedding function in Kaling,maharaj says maharaj Chandragupta she is so lucky she is marrying the man she loves,Chandra says love gives pain,maharaj says cmon we all know you love your wife and so does she,helina says I’m so lucky to be part of Chandra life and holds his hand,Nandini walks with a baby and a man,Chandra looks at her,the man holds Nandini by her shoulder,Helina very happy to see that.

Pre cap : Chandra says Helina how dare you say that I’m being partial to Nandini.Nandini says no bhabhi ,me and Chandra have different paths now,I can’t stay with a man who doesn’t trust me.Chandra and Nandini fall over each other.


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