Aww! PM Modi Stopped His Convoy On The Way To Airport To Meet A 4-Yr Girl

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his unpredictable and pleasant acts. And once again, he has done something for which everyone will praise him.

PM Modi is in Surat on a two-day visit where he inaugurated many projects as well as had a grand road show. While he was going towards airport, there was huge crowd on both the sides of the road and PM Modi was greeting them as his convoy was passing from there.

Suddenly, a 4 years old girl came in between the road and tried to approach PM Modi.

It was obvious for SPG officers to stop her but PM Modi asked his officers to bring that girl to him and greeted her before sending her back.

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This may not mean anything for other political leaders but this sweet gesture means a lot for common public, as it shows that their leader loves to connect with them and takes care of even small kids.

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