Karan Johar gives an apt reply to a Twitter Troller who called him a “Chhakka”

Karan Johar, like any other celebrity, is not new to Twitter trolls and haters. Johar was recently interviewed by noted journalist Barkha Dutt on her segment Townhall, where they discussed topics ranging from Kangana Ranaut to fatherhood and Arnab Goswami’s allegations against the filmmaker.

Karan Johar, Barkha Dutt

The interview started making the rounds on the internet for the points of discussion that came from Johar. And while he largely had support for whatever he said, there were some who weren’t happy with whatever he spoke on the TV interview.

Well, when Barkha Dutt posted a video of her interview with Karan Johar, a person named Rahul Tripathi, labeled Dutt and KJo “Chhakkas”.

karan johar tweet reply

Most other celebrities would have blocked the user but not KJo. He maintain his clam and gives an apt reply to his hater by saying, “Tripathiji…a very happy Sunday to you….I hope you recover quickly….don’t forget your meds! Also make sure you gargle 2 hourly!”

karan johar tweet reply

Barkha Dutt also trolled Tripathi in his epic style. She wrote “Tripathi ji rather a chhaka than an absolute zero which is what you are. 6-0.”

karan johar tweet reply

But it was ultimately Karan Johar who won the Twitter-verse.


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