"Unforgettable" - Movie Review

Katherine Heigl in a scene from ‘Unforgettable’. Pic/YouTube

A; Drama/Thriller
Cast: Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, Geoff Stults
Director: Denise Di Novi

Obsessive lady Psychos may have become a profitable cinematic canon but they have to be delivered with finesse to be in the audience friendly slot but ‘Unforgettable’ really can’t hope for that. This one’s nothing like ‘Fatal Attraction’ it’s just fatal distraction. An ex-wife sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband’s new wife so you have shades of ‘She-Devil’ and ‘Death Becomes Her’ too but definitely not in the same class. This one is blunt, boring and terribly inconsistent. Even the actors don’t quite measure up.

This film was meant to be directed by Amma Asante but since Kerry Washington backed off from doing one of the lead roles, it was handed to debutant Denise Di Novi. The scripting is just not up to the mark. It’s predictable, stupid, and boring. Has a structural fault basically. It opens in the climax and then rewinds back to six months prior with Rosario Dawson playing the new wife Julia, fighting off the unhinged ex Tessa played by Katherine Heigl. And the prize is no prize at all- David played by Geoff Stults. He looks good enough but plays dumb throughout. A few potent moments between Tessa and Julia raise expectations that are never fulfilled. It’s not that the actresses are bad..it’s the writing that is so stupid that even accomplished actresses like them find it difficult to make it look plausible. Given the structure you know what’s going to transpire so there’s no suspense and predictability kills all the interest. There’s also no energy in the story telling so the narrative feels like a drag.

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