Vijay Mallya Gets Bail In Just 3 Hours! Twitter Users Came Up With These Hilarious Jokes & Memes

Today, Vijay Mallya was arrested in London and there was news that UK authorities would deport him to India. As usual, media houses covered this news as fast as they could because it was a BIG thing for them.

Everyone was busy celebrating the achievement but unfortunately, this happiness was short-lived. Within few hours, the flamboyant businessman was released on bail.

Without wasting a moment, Vijay Mallya took to Twitter to announce this victory. He also slammed the media for creating unnecessary hype around his arrest. This is what he tweeted…

Even though Indian government is trying hard to get him back, there’s no luck. Even before people could react on his arrest, he was out on bail. Twitter users were quick enough to come up with some funny memes and jokes on this development.

Broke Salman’s record!

Fastest thing in the world!

2 minutes silence!



He’s a LEGEND!

Brand new ambassador!

Good comparison!

Indian banks be like…

Back home in time!

These Twitter reactions gave us a good laugh! Do you wish to share some jokes? Feel free to do so in our comments section below.

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