World Sleep Day: 7 foods for a good night"s sleep


Quality sleep is the pre-requisite of a healthy life. Nobody wants to suffer from ‘sleep-crisis’ in this mechanical world and everybody looks for the right ingredient for proper sleep. As 17th March is observed as World Sleep Day, let us browse through some health-friendly food items that lead to good sleep.

1. Fish: Fish especially salmon, tuna and halibut contain high amount of vitamin B6, a basic prerequisite for creating the sleep hormone melatonin. Regular consumption of such fish can contribute to proper sleep at night. Seafood like shrimp and lobster are also sleep-friendly food items.

World Sleep Day: 7 foods for a good night’s sleep

2. Yogurt: Dairy products like yogurt is rich in calcium. When the body receives adequate amount of calcium, it automatically makes you fall asleep. Those you suffer from calcium deficiency, may suffer from sleep disorder also.

World Sleep Day: 7 foods for a good night’s sleep

3. Rice: This is the biggest contributor towards a good night’s sleep. Consuming rice few hours before going off to bed will make to fall asleep quite easily as compared to other food items.

4. Cornflakes: Grab a bowl of cornflakes before going off to bed. This is because cereals like cornflakes are rich in vitamin B6 and carbohydrates, the combination of which result in a good long nap.

World Sleep Day: 7 foods for a good night’s sleep

5. Bananas: The yellow coloured fruit that is hated by many is actually an excellent natural medicine for sleep. Bananas are rich in magnesium, potassium and carbohydrates, which make you fall asleep quickly and improves brain functioning.

6. Cherries: These increase the level of melatonin and therefore make you fall asleep faster. Those who suffer from insomnia, can chew a handful of cherries and drink a glass of cherry juice to recover from the disease.

World Sleep Day: 7 foods for a good night’s sleep

7. Milk: A glass of warm milk at night generates proper sleep and makes you wake up all healthy and energised. Milk is rich in calcium and amino acid called tryptophan, two basic prerequisites for a good night’s sleep.


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