This Actress Faked Her Kidnapping! Twitter Users Blasted At Her & Called It “Cheap Promotion”!

When you do something wrong on social media, you are dead then and there! You can’t even imagine the power of these users; they can troll you so brutally that you’ll never even think of using that platform again. Something similar happened with famous South Indian actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, whose promotional strategy went horribly wrong; the actress must have never thought that one promotional gimmick can harm her reputation to such an extent.

In order to market her upcoming movie, Varalaxmi faked her abduction. A famous Twitter handle Cinema Gallery, posted a picture in which the actress was lying on the bed and in a vulnerable position. Moreover, it also had the hashtag #VaralaxmiGotKidnapped, which broke the hearts of millions of fans and left them worried. Check out the picture…

Seeing the picture, everyone thought it she was really in trouble; however, after few hours, Varalaxmi took to Twitter to announce that she was completely fine and it was just a marketing strategy. Have a look at her tweets..

Even the filmmaker tweeted about it;

Twitter users got so pissed off that they literally blasted at her for this drama; check out their tweets..

Such a stupid picture!

Please advise the film producer!

Use brain and not…

Worst promotional tactics!


Promoting crap on social media!

Boycotting this movie!

Will they scream rape next?

People got very furious at her and labelled it as “cheap promotions”; do you think they will prefer watching her movie after this? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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