Gaurav Gera Speaks On Snapchat Issue! Slams People For Showing 100% Trust In Sensational Headlines!

Snapchat controversy has taken the internet by storm; ex-employee’s accusations about Evan Spiegel not favoring India for expansion due to it being a poor country, invited a lot of ire from Indians. A lot of negativity was spread as people started posting abuses and insults for Snapchat as well as its CEO. Very soon, headlines started surfacing all over the internet, thereby complicating the matter further.

Journalism was at its worst! Media houses came up with hard-hitting headlines, which made people believe that the CEO had really said so. In this process, many refrained from reporting the truth, because all they wanted was “Clicks” and “Revenue”. Majority of them didn’t respect the standards; instead of quoting the ex-employee of Snapchat, they quoted the CEO, Evan Spiegel. To some extent, these misleading headlines also contributed to spreading hatred among people, agree?

Here are some examples of such headlines;




Amidst this, Gaurav Gera, who is famous for his characters “Billi Mausi” and “Shopkeeper” has a completely different take on this issue. He rightly says that instead of doing research, people are blindly relying on such sensational headlines. Shouldn’t the media houses be using the terms “Lawsuit claims that CEO said” instead of “CEO says”. Further, he said that this accusation was made by Anthony Pompliano, who was fired by Snapchat couple of years back. How can people show 100 percent trust in his accusations?

Gaurav Gera took to Facebook and gave us a good lesson; I am sure you will agree with him this time.

He has nailed it with this video, isn’t it? Well, let us tell you that RVCJ knows its responsibility really well. Have a look at the headline and image by RVCJ; you’ll surely feel the difference.

We believe in informing the readers and not “Misleading” them; we always try to give maximum possible information to them so that they aren’t kept in dark about anything. Doing proper homework before reporting anything is important, but unfortunately, many media houses fail to realize this.

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