World Earth Day special: Green bombing in Aarey

Aarey Colony is an oasis in the middle of the city
Aarey Colony is an oasis in the middle of the city

Sometimes bombing can be done for a good cause. Provided the bombs in question are filled with seeds, and you’re dropping them in places that are in need of more greenery.

If your interest is piqued, sign up for the upcoming seed bombing cycle ride organised by Carvan Trips. “We have always promoted eco-tourism, but had never thought about doing something so proactively. But what better than World Earth Day to do this?” says founder Sharad Shah.

Explaining how the idea came about, the JB Nagar resident says, “Aarey Colony is pretty much in my backyard, so I cycle there a lot. One day, my wife and I were discussing how the Metro project is killing the area’s green cover, and that was when it struck us that we should do something together.”

seed bombs ready to be plantedSeed bombs ready to be planted

Sharad’s wife Priyanka is the founder of iKheti, a social enterprise that promotes urban farming. While iKheti has held seed bombing events a few times in the past, this is the first time it’s being combined with an adventure activity of this kind.

“The seed bombs are made using mud and clay, into which we mix a bit of panchagavya — cow urine, dung, milk, ghee and yoghurt. These ingredients help the seeds germinate faster,” says Priyanka.

The bombs will be packed with papaya and moringa (drumstick) seeds, which grow more easily as compared to other plants, and provide edible rewards to the communities residing within the sprawling area.

Sharad and Priyanka Shah
Sharad and Priyanka Shah

Sharad says, “Our mission is to have more trees in Aarey Colony, and to make this happen, we’ll be putting these bombs in spots that currently don’t have any vegetation and are closer to water bodies, because otherwise, the intense heat might prevent the seeds from germinating.”

Kids and adults alike can be a part of this activity. The organisers will be providing bicycles, seed bombs and light refreshments on the day.

ON: April 22, 7 am onwards
AT: Aarey Colony entrance, Goregaon (E). 
CALL: 8976949403
COST: Rs 750


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