Desperate To Get A GF But Not Getting One? This Sex Robot Will Fulfill All Your Fantasies!

There is not the least doubt about the fact that it’s very difficult to find your soulmate in this era of self-interest where everyone initially seeks his/her own luxuries and preferences and then thinks about the counterpart. Agree? Well, believe or not, it’s the harsh reality of life which each of us accepts at one point of time.

No matter how much we talk of true love and sacrifices, let’s just be practical, honest and truthful and answer a simple question, ‘who else wishes to fulfill your cravings prior to satisfying their own?’

Well, it seems that the answer to this question has already been given by Stowe Boyd, GigaOM Research’s lead researcher, in 2014 when he predicted that sex robots will be pretty common in the coming decade. He said this when Pew Research Center survey was trying to find out what would be life like in year 2025.


Abyss Creations is behind the concept called RealDoll, which is a blend of human size silicone doll and robot, with which a human can establish physical relations.

An app by the name of Harmony AI has been created by Realbotix, the sister concern of Abyss Creations, and it will make RealDoll learn about you, which will further result in better satisfaction for you. The user will also be able to communicate with AI and the doll will memorize some important facts about the user, such as his favorite team. In simple words, the company wants to make a girl that you desire and behaves as per your convenience.

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The good thing about these conversations is that they won’t be boring as the dolls will be able to change their moods like talkative, funny, shy or naughty. The RealDoll concept is not a new one; in fact, it has been there for almost two decades but what’s making it completely irresistible is the addition of AI with it.

The new models will be very advanced in comparison to the previous model “Samantha” and this is an indication that how seriously the industry is taking its customers.

Presently, the company is working on female robots only; however, Abyss Creations is known for taking care of both the genders. Matt Mcmullen, CEO of the company, told that the app for the male version is ready and subscribers will be able to choose the preferred gender of the robot.


The app will be downloaded from the company’s website and users will need to pay a yearly fees of $20. The basic model of the RealDoll will cost under $10,000 and it is scheduled to be launched in the market, later this year.

So, are you excited?


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