Yeh Hai Mohabbatein : Ishita and Raman in a bid to save Roshni

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode for today starts with Romi (Aly Goni) reaching Khandpur at Gagan’s house. He breaks open Gagan’s door lock purposely infront of Gagan’s goons so as to instigate him to come and meet him there. He waits for Gagan inside his house, as Gagan arrives with his goons. Romi threatens him and tells him to stay away from Adi(Abhishek Verma) or else he would destroy everything here. Romi leaves the place fuming leaving behind a stupefied Gagan.

Ishita (Divyanka Tripati), Shagun(Anita Hassanandani), Aliya (Krishna Mukherjee), Mihika(Avantika Hundal) and Mrs. Bhalla (Shahnaz Rizwan) browse through the lehenga options. Ishita shows them some designs which Shagun finds similar to the one she was opting for. Ishita tells them that these are infact the same designs and come really economical as there are no brand names associated.  Shagun is happy and says they can finalise the design. Ishita plans to go and find the artisan for the work. Meanwhile

Ishita reaches the colony where the artisan lives. She approaches the shop but finds that the owner of the shop has not come to the shop that day. She asks the person incharge to take her to the woman’s house as this is real urgent for her. On reaching the house we find the artisan woman is infact Shanti Tai. Ishita shows her the designs and asks her to make them as soon as possible. Shanti Tai replies she would do the same and that Ishita can come to her shop. As Shanti Tai is closing the door a bound and gagged Roshni manages to free her mouth and screams. Ishita hears the same and question Shanti. Shanti Tai gets furious with Ishita and bangs the door on her face after threatening her to stay away.

Ishita finds it very suspicious but tries to convince herself that she must be overreacting. As she plans to leave she sees the auto driver come to the house. She hides and listens to the conversation between Shanti Tai and Auto driver, they talk about restraining the girl. Ishita walks away on hearing this to call Raman(Karan Patel)

Raman and Mani are in conversation about their wives and Mani thanks Raman for handling the issue so well. Raman receives Ishita’s call and hangs up on Mani. Ishita asks Raman to come to the colony at once. Raman notices the panic in her voice and hurries for the place.

On the other hand Adi and Aliya have light moment while discussing the way the issue over lehenga got sorted. Adi surprises Aliya with their honeymoon package for Greece. Aliya excitedly hugs him and goes off to tell this to all. Adi gets Romi’s call who asks him to wait at Aliya’s place as he would meet him there.

Ishita in hiding notices the auto driver leave and then return again. Shanti Tai injects drugs into Roshni to stop her from fighting. She dresses her up and alongwith the auto driver both of them plan to take her to a client.

Raman finds a detective Ishita in hiding. Raman tries to reason with her that probably she must have misunderstood or maybe she is just overreacting. Just then they notice Shanti Tai and the auto driver bring out Roshni. They notice that Roshni is bound and also drugged. Raman too is convinced that something is fishy. They follow the trio.

Aliya and Adi tell Mani and Shagun about their honeymoon plan as they excitedly discuss about this. Mani says they should invite Gagan too as he was a driving force in completing the work Adi took in time. Fortunately for Adi as Mani is trying to call Gagan, Romi  walks in and stops Mani. Romi says he would personally go to Khandpur and invite them all. He makes an excuse and takes away the stunned Adi.

Shanti Tai and the auto driver reach a warehouse with the girl. The auto driver says there is supposed to be a bachelor party here and that a lot of rich guys would be coming and they would be earning a lot. Shanti tai gets the girl ready.

Raman and Ishita too reach the place, Raman says that one of their warehouses is at this place. Meanwhile Romi takes Adi to a warehouse and the lights come on, they have all planned a bachelor party for Adi. Romi asks Adi to forget everything and concentrate on his life ahead. As the girls get ready we come to know that Roshni has been brought in for Adi’s bachelor party.

Precap: We see the party venue and Ishita-Raman there with a girl in mask. Ishita gives the girl some money , but the girl seems to be in a trance. As she falls Raman and Ishita hold her they take off her mask. Ishita recognises Roshni and tells Raman that she is from Khandpur. What holds further for Roshni? How will Ishita and Raman react to Adi’s truth?


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