Chandra Nandini: Chandra emotional knowing Bindusar’s savior Chandrika is Nandini

The upcoming twist of Chandra Nandini will show that good times will be back for Chandra as the two of them will come face to face once again. Sn far, viewers have seen that Nandini has been around Chandra pretending to be Chandrika but Chandra in unable to identify her.

Chandra thinks that the lady is Chandrika who is an Acharya of the princess of Kalinga. However, Maharaj Shatnag has bad intentions towards Nandini and tries to rape her and Chandra comes to Nanidni’s rescue. Chandra kills Shatnag and saves Nandini from the evil man. Nandini escapes from there and decides to leave Kalinga before Chandra can find out about her true identity. However, another twist takes place as Shatnag’s dead body is found and Chandrika aka Nandini turns out to be the prime suspect.

Chandrika is called to the royal court and is accused of killing Shatnag. Nandini cannot reveal that Chandra has killed the evil man and therefore she accepts being the murderer. However, Chandra walks in just then and saves Chandrika aka Nandini again. Chandra admits that he killed Shatnag and also reveals about the rape attempt against Chandrika. Chandra will save Chandrika being unaware that she is none other than his Nandini. However, Chandrika’s identity will not remain hidden for very long.

The future story will show that Chandra will finally come to know that Chandrika is Nandini and he will get emotional. Chandra will be overwhelmed seeing Nandini taking care of Bindusar like his own mother but at the same time he will think that Nandini has married someone else and has her own child. Let’s wait and see how and when these misunderstandings between Chandra and Nandini will end.


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